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Development and production of biophysical instrumentation, particularly for the study of insect chemoreception

Research, development, production and worldwide distribution

New or improved techniques for detection, registration and analysis of (electro)-physiological and behavioural responses of insects to chemical stimuli are developed in our workshop, tested in our laboratory or in the field, and made available to colleagues in research laboratories all over the world.

Innovative cooperation

New research tools are developed in close cooperation with scientists working on a particular project. SYNTECH welcomes ideas and suggestions for novel approaches in the study of insect chemoreception or related fields, as well as proposals from totally different disciplines.



Summer Closing

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I hope all of you out there are doing well in these days. Such as we at SYNTECH. For this... Mehr →

Electrostatic distortion

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Very often users report to me that they have to deal with electrostatic distortion. This is of course a serious... Mehr →


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We are getting quite some inquiries about how to connect an EAG-recording setup to a GC-MS system. In these days... Mehr →

ICE 2016 Exhibition

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The ICE 2016 meeting has started and SYNTECH is there with all the equipment. Of course the star of the... Mehr →

LC-770 TrackSphere

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After quite some time we now can announce the new BIG version of the Tracksphere. The actual model has a... Mehr →
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