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SYNTECH is an Original Equipment Manufacturer dedicated to the design and production of instruments for electrophysiological and behavioural research, particularly for the study of insect chemoreception and related fields
Essential research tools not produced by manufacturers of standard equipment are designed, produced and distributed by SYNTECH. The current product range is rather broad and comprises instruments for electrophysiology, data-acquisition, biodetectors for gas chromatography, activity and motion detectors, olfactometers, portable instrumentation for field research, multi-channel and multi-mode detectors, as well as software dedicated to ElectroAntennography (EAG), Single Sensilum Recording (SSR) , coupled GC-EAD and GC-SSR, and for multichannel (up to 16) signal recording and analysis.

Research, Development, Production and Worldwide Distribution

New or improved techniques for detection, registration and analysis of (electro)physiological and behavioural responses of insects to chemical and other stimuli are developed in our workshop, tested in our laboratory, and made available to colleagues in research laboratories all over the world.

Innovative Cooperation

Novel research tools are developed in close cooperation with scientists working on a particular projects.
Syntech welcomes ideas and suggestions for new methodological approaches in the study of insect chemoreception, as well as proposals from other disciplines.


SYNTECH has been established 1971 in Hilversum, The Netherlands by Dr. Jan N.C. van der Pers. From 1990 on his closed friend Dr. Peter Ockenfels cooperated with Jan and they operated the company together. After a strong fight against cancer Mr. van der Pers died and since then the company is being controlled by Peter Ockenfels alone.

In 2011 the company had to change its registered name to Ockenfels Syntech GmbH to comply with German laws and also moved to its current location in the South West of Germany. Where it is now located in the heart of German medical and laboratory engineering.

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