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Office and Laboratory:

Ockenfels SYNTECH GmbH
Gewerbestrasse 3
79256 Buchenbach

Geschäftsführer: Dr. Peter Ockenfels
Registergericht: HRB 707074, Freiburg i. Br.
USt-ID: 815 291 126

Postal Address:

Ockenfels SYNTECH GmbH
Gewerbestrasse 3
79256 Buchenbach

Phone, Fax, E-Mail:

Tel: +49 7661 989 604
Fax: +49 7661 989 603

Technical support: info(at)
Sales / Accounting: sylvia(at)

How to Order

Syntech equipment is distributed directly from our production site. The equipment can be ordered by the customer or end-user directly, or via an intermediate agent working for the customer.

  1. Send an e-mail message to sylvia(at) and list the required equipment and it´s intended application.
  2. SYNTECH will reply to the message with recent information about the equipment and application. Recommendations for the most suitable equipment will be given. Furthermore SYNTECH will offer the price for an individual device or for a complete set-up in a quote.
  3. Based on the quote (please refer to the number while ordering) send an authorized purchase order, which will be acknowledged in any case.
  4. Depending on the ordered items delivery takes 6 – 12 weeks from date of our order acknoweldgment.
  5. Be aware that delivery may take some time as due to the fact that SYNTECH equipment is not produced on stock or in large quantities.

Return of goods

Do not return any device to SYNTECH without our prior approval or consent. Please send an email to sylvia(at)


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